Simple Surfing, Simple Living


Surfing according to SurfNatur

Surf represents a simple, natural and, apparently, necessary connection in these non-stopping times. 

In this context of deep social and environmental crisis, going to catch waves, but also climbing a mountain, sailing thanks to the force of the wind or sliding down a snow-covered slope connects us immediately and deeply with a nature and values that must serve as a basis for the new model of society to which we must approach.

SurfNatur is simple and ecological. For SurfNatur, crisis is not synonymous with catastrophe. We are born around a group of surfers and entrepreneurs aware of the problems that surround them, but also committed to finding solutions. With the firm intention of thanking surf and nature for the services provided, Surfnatur wants to:

  • Bring the best products that cause the least possible impact
  • Generate resources that help us to stop the social and environmental crisis
  • And complement this with a simple, transparent and close way of acting
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